Stitchting Shepherd's Place is a foundation pioneered by Pastor Rachel as an instrument to reach out to the less privileged, the afflicted and to impact the world with God's loving kindness.

One of the goals of Shepherd's Place Ministries is to establish an independent, non-profit making organisation which will provide services in line with her mission to the society at large. The services include, but are not limited to

benevolence and support to people, especially the less privileged
providing an avenue for people to assist with acts of charity as part of the Christian heritage.
reaching out to other establishments such as orphanages, institutions for the homeless etc
counseling to victims
provision of a Christian Library

With the help of Shepherd's Place Ministries, Stichting Shepherd's Place runs a school of ministry (STI) designed to equip persons who would like to work in churches and other Christian organizations.





You can become a member of this Christian Library to take advantage of wider resources and advice on how to study more effectively considering you own personal schedule and interest.

Membership is free.

Resources available
Wide range of:

books, from tested and noted authors on practically every area of life (Christian walk, leadership, finances, marriage, career, ministry, facing challenges, parenting…)

Cds, dvd, videos and audio cassettes on messages (preaching) by renowned men and women of God

Christian entertainment videos dvds…

Christian Magazines

Bible on cassette or cd

We cater to all age groups.

Experience hands to offer advice;

Advice on what books to read when facing different situations or when concentrating on a particular area of Christian growth, and to generally counsel with you

For more information contact

+31 (0) 63 88 372 59 +31 (0) 625 143 050

*The institute is registered under stichting Shepherd's Place.

Foundation: Stichting Shepherd's Place Ministries



Stichting Shepherd’s place runs a Christian Library open to all who need Christian study materials. We have a few secular educational resources as well.